It’s Here

September 27, 2017

Today marks the groundbreaking ceremony for the first building of the Asian Christian Academy (ACA) College of Arts and Sciences in Bangalore, India. It will be the first Christian college of its kind in the country. And in less than a year, students will begin to enroll for classes. More than 2,000 are expected to attend in the future.

UC Funds has long been involved with the ACA, which provides post-graduate theological training and Christian education in India. Recently, The Palmier Foundation was able to donate a total of $325,000 to the ACA, $100,000 of which went directly to the construction and opening of this college.

Dr. Stephen George, Vice President of the Asian Christian Academy, said of a previous donation from the Foundation to the ACA: “The Palmier Foundation has been instrumental in helping us expand our Asian Christian High School to grow from 2,200 to its current size of 3,300 students. The school has not only grown in size but also in reputation as an institution focused on high-quality K-12 education.” The tremendous success of the high school since it opened in 1997 was one of the primary inspirations behind the ACA’s decision to establish the college.

A bird’s eye view of the new college’s site in Bangalore.

Daniel Palmier, CEO of UC Funds said, “I’m both awed and grateful that I have the good fortune of giving to such a deserving organization. There are literally a billion people in India that will have the opportunity for a top-flight education and to be taught Christianity from top scholars and theologians. That UC Funds could be part of the ACA’s long-standing dream of establishing a Christian college campus is a dream for us, too. Our donation will help establish the necessary infrastructure as well as a classroom and educational design to foster ACA’s curriculum and mission.”

At more than 96,000 square feet, the facility will be located on a scenic 22-acre location on the outskirts of Bangalore, featuring:

  • More than 35,000 square feet of classroom space
  • 12 lecture halls
  • 24,450 square feet of administrative space, including a pavilion on the ground floor, computer labs and more
  • An 8,000+-square-foot basement for recreation
  • Leisure Halls and rest areas on the first and second floors totaling 20,540 square feet
  • A 16,660-square-foot indoor court

There is a real need for more—and better quality—private higher education in India, and the ACA’s new college will do just that. Of the organization’s goals, Dr. George said, “We hope to develop a college with a holistic approach to human development that will shape the next generation of leaders in India. We have an opportunity to offer an education that is uniquely holistic and grounded in our Christian ethos.”

The first incoming class is expected July 2018. The teams at The Palmier Foundation and UC Funds can’t wait to hear about the first graduating class. We’re honored to help the ACA make such a positive impact on so many lives.