ONE Foundation donates

Recently, ONE Foundation contributed $100,000 toward the needs of the Asian Christian High School, a modest school faraway in India that services children and families in Hosur, a village outside of Bengaluru.    The recent donation prevented shutdown and has helped students and families stay in school during the pandemic with online learning tools, books, and food.  It will also help Asian Christian Academy continue the development of their new school building.  In December, new buildings will be dedicated to Dan Palmier and ONE Foundation.

Below is from the President of ACA:  Dear Dan and team at the ONE Foundation,  Thank you so much for your generous gift to the Asian Christian Academy. This has come at a timely moment for us as we work through the pandemic. Your gift will help us maintain online education for the Asian Christian High School (ACHS) and complete the construction of our new Administrative Block for ACHS. The pandemic and shutdown has caused severe economic distress in our town and we have been able to collect only 35% of our dues. However, we are one of the few schools (and businesses) in our area which continues to pay full salaries for our teachers. Attached is a photo of the new Administrative Block which we plan to dedicate to Dan Palmier and the ONE Foundation. We plan on having it dedicated by mid-December.  — SJ George, President, Asian Christian Academy of India