August 29, 2017

In order to keep well, Daniel Palmier visits Dr. Kathy O’Neil Smith. Dr. O’Neil Smith owns an internal and regenerative medical practice in Newton, MA called Treat Wellness. She provides programs and services to help her patients achieve optimal health—so they can live a life of vitality and abundance. She is trained in metabolic and hormonal rebalancing and has an extensive background in nutrition, physiology and sports medicine, and stem cell therapy. She awakens each day intending to take care of others. As a dedicated doctor, she believes in InterVol’s humanitarian spirit and its mission to support health and well-being.

A not-for-profit based in Rochester, New York, InterVol recycles unused medical appliances and provides life-saving surgeries. InterVol allows individuals, locally and globally, to receive necessary healthcare and treatment. What an incredible feat and mission!

She believes Dan’s dedication to InterVol is inspiring. “He not only offers financial resources,” Dr. O’Neil Smith remarks, “but he also walks the walk as evidenced by his commitment to making the time to train for and run in the Marine Corps Marathon, with the goal of raising funds for Intervol.”

Dr. O’Neil Smith fully supports Dan on his athletic journey as he trains for the October 22nd marathon.