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The Asian Christian Academy (ACA) is a not-for-profit society founded in 1978 by Dr. Isaac John. The ACA goal is to provide post-graduate theological training and Christian education in the Indian context. To this end, the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) at the Asian Christian Academy offers four different ministry degree programs at the Masters and Doctoral levels.

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Located near Bangalore, India, the Asian Christian Academy’s 46-acre campus also provides ministry and social services to Christians in the tiny villages surrounding the campus.

Social Programs include: the House of Joy, a home for destitute children which currently shelters, clothes and feeds 35 students in a holistic Christian living environment; the Asian Christian High School – an accredited Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) school for students, grades K–10 where students from the rural villages of India receive a quality Christian-focused education, equal to or better than what they might receive in a major Indian city, at a very low cost and Agape Hospital, a low or no-cost clinic for residents of the hundreds of villages in Bangalore. In addition to state-of-the-art medical treatments, patients receive Christian counsel.

While a student at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas, in 1973, God prompted Dr. Isaac John to start a theological institution in India for the purposes of providing postgraduate level training for Christian ministry. His vision was to tailor theological training to the Indian context. This idea he shared with his friends and classmates at the Seminary. In 1973, a small group started to pray about India. As a result, the American Council for the Asian Christian Academy was formed in 1975 in Dallas and the American Council adopted several faith principles that have guided the growth of ACA. No money would be solicited except from people who know the work and whose contribution would be more than monetary.

ACA was registered as a non-profit charitable organization and subsequently, in 1976, Dr. Isaac John returned to India after completing his studies. The ACA was registered as a society in Karnataka in 1978 with Dr. Isaac John as founder President, Dr. Joy M. George as Secretary and Rev. Richard Sackman as Treasurer, and found members

Since the Asian Christian Academy was formed, its activities have expanded to include several other outreach programs:

  • The Agape Health Center
  • Asian Christian Academy
  • House of Joy



The Agape Health Center was launched in 1994 as the first outreach program for the Asian Christian Academy. Today, it is a two-story facility with 30 beds for in-patients, an operation theatre and a pharmacy. The hospital is open 24 hours and provides free and low-cost care to the villagers. Staffed by two resident physicians and 4 nurses, they also travel to other villages to provide free medical services to those who cannot or would not go to the hospital for care.
In 1996 the Asian Christian Academy started the Asian Christian High School (ACHC) in Bangalore. Academically on par with the best schools in India, the school has grown exponentially from 225 children from grades k through 9 to 700. The school’s motto is “Light Through Letters” and 60 percent of its students go on to institutes of higher learning, earning degrees in fields such as engineering, math, and science. All students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to lift themselves and their families from the poverty so prevalent in rural India.

House of Joy was founded by the ACA in 1999 to house children in need who are destitute and without hope. In addition to food, housing, clothing and other necessities of life, children also receive a holistic Christian education through ACHC. The staff at House of Joy teach children to love and serve God as well as serving throughout India.

One Foundation has supported the Asian Christian Academy and its endeavors for many years and will continue to do so into the future.

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