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Members of the Sorin Society join in the vision of Notre Dame’s founder, Father Sorin, by empowering students with the resources they need to become forces for good in the world.

Gifts from Sorin Society members primarily fund the University’s commitment to meet the full, demonstrated financial aid need of every Notre Dame student—a commitment made by fewer than 60 universities across the country. Additionally, through their annual gifts, Sorin Society members give University leaders the flexibility to further the Catholic mission of the University, enhance student life and experiences, and fund other priorities and areas of need.

About the Sorin Society

The Sorin Society continues to fulfill Father Sorin’s bold vision that a humble log chapel would grow into a powerful force for good. Reverand Edward Frederick Sorin, a priest of the Congregation of the Holy Cross was the founder of the University of Notre Dame. At the age of 28, at the beginning of an exceptionally rigorous winter, in poverty and privation, on November 26, 1842, Sorin began the foundation of Notre Dame. 

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In the year 2015 alone, 75% of Notre Dame’s students received financial aid. With the help of the Sorin Society, the university is able to continue to meet 100% of every student’s demonstrated financial need. Since 1961, more than 775 Notre Dame Graduates have entered the Peace Corps – more than any other Catholic college or university. The Sorin Society provides funds to support Notre Dame’s commitment to Christian values,including community service. Notre Dame’s campus ministry provides students with a wide array of opportunities to strengthen their faith with programs such as the Institute for Church Life. More than 80% of students participate in service projects while on campus due in part, to the funding provided by the Sorin Society. In addition to established programs and organizations, the Sorin Society funds “Areas of Greatest Need.”  

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Daniel Palmier is a gold member of the Sorin Society. During his membership, the Sorin Society has achieved great things. Through a network of more than 8,500 alumni, parents, and associates, the Sorin Society raised over $22 million last year. Contributions from the Sorin Society were distributed between need-based scholarships and ongoing research. 

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