August, 2021 – It has been an extremely important year for the ONE Foundation with a significant amount of their global outreach activity directed to India.   This month,  ONE Foundation donated another $350,000 to Asian Christian Academy (ACA) to support their extraordinary work to combat the devastating effects of the pandemic in Hosur, a village outside of Bengaluru.

ACA’s mission is to assist with education and health services to the local families in Hosur and other outreach posts throughout India.  40% of all the poor in the entire world live in India and most of their population makes less than $2 per day.  The exceptional challenges for food, medical assistance, therapies, and education during this past year has surpassed any other time of trial in the 40 years since ACA’s inception.

This recent donation prevented shutdown of ACA and enabled them to continue to aid the poor in their schools, their hospital, churches and direct help to the villages surrounding our campus and churches with food and medical assistance.  ONE Foundation has committed more than $500,000 to ACA since the start of the pandemic and more than $1,000,000 over the past 5 years.

“ONE Foundation’s mission is to assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. What more crucial time than now?”, said Dan Palmier, Founder of ONE Foundation.  “ I am both humbled and invigorated by the immense power of care and giving that ACA provides to so many in need.”

About ONE Foundation.  Steeped in Judeo-Christian values, ONE Foundation’s mission statement is to acquire and grow resources that assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. The ONE Foundation, inspired by His purpose, works on the principle that helping and serving others is divine and blesses all those who participate.