October 14, 2022 (Miami, FL)  – Director of The ONE Foundation, Lena Palmier, hosted the first Miami fundraising event for The ONE Foundation.  “UNCORKED” showcased gorgeous wines and other silent auction items to raise monies for the ONE Foundation’s Water for Life Initiative.  Water for Life reaches people and communities in Kenya, Haiti, Belize, India, and other global locations of greatest need. Water for Life provides resources to build wells as well as provide clean water.  The goal of UNCORKED was to raise $12,000 to build ONE new well.

“It was so special to see so many come to our event and work hand in hand to achieve the goal of $12,000 and ONE new well for the Turkana people in Africa, commented Lena Palmier.  “This small amount changes the lives of more than 1,000 people in a community, especially young girls who can now attend school instead of making 5–10-mile trips each day to search for water for their families.”

On behalf of the ONE Foundation, Lena presented $12,000 to the Foundation’s partner in Kenya, the Coates Ministries. Together with Coates Ministries African brothers and sisters, they have planted 240+ churches and drilled more than 30 water wells in drought prone villages. To donate, please click this LINK.

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About ONE Foundation.

Steeped in Judeo-Christian values, ONE Foundation’s mission statement is to acquire and grow resources that assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. The ONE Foundation, inspired by His purpose, works on the principle that helping and serving others is divine and blesses all those who participate. https://theonefoundation.com/